Dr. Joella utilizes a specific and thorough spinal analysis and examination to determine overall spinal function and location of subluxations (see About Chiropractic for more info). She utilizes numerous manual and instrument chiropractic techniques, cranial techniques and Dynamic Body Balancing which is a dynamic fusion of craniosacral and myofascial unwinding. In addition to her four years of chiropractic school, earning her doctorate in the field, she has spent two additional years studying maternity and chiropractic care. She has provided specialized maternity and pediatric chiropractic care for over 10 years. She has also attained a degree and license in midwifery (see Innate Start Midwifery) and assisted in natural maternity care and childbirth for the last three years. These years of study and experience have contributed to developing an expertise in the care of pregnant women, newborns and children.